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In the UK it was identified that a strategic approach was needed to halt the loss of biodiversity.

In 1994 the UK Biodiversity Action Plan was produced which detailed the UK's commitment to biodiversity and how it should be delivered. The Greater Manchester Biodiversity Action Plan (2003) followed on which focused the aims of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan at a Greater Manchester level. From the Greater Manchester Biodiversity Action Plan (GMBAP) it became apparent that there was a need for a strategy to focus at the city of Manchester level, detailing the habitats and species present along with identifying the specific priorities for Manchester.

The Manchester Biodiversity Strategy will serve as a focus for inspiring the people of Manchester to become more responsible towards their local environment. It was developed with support from partners, stakeholders and community groups. The results of the two consultations are attached as pdfs.

The Manchester Biodiversity Strategy was launched at the Manchester Museum on the 17th May and was attended by a variety of stakeholders, community groups and interested parties. The strategy outlines what is biodiversity, why it is importance, what's already happening and a five-year action plan to help protect, conserve and enhance biodiversity for current and future generations.

Stakeholder Workshop Report

Community comments on the strategy

Manchester Biodiversity Strategy

 Biodiversity Action Plan 2012 - 16