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Trees are incredibly useful as well as being beautiful. They can even help combat  climate change, reduce air pollution and provide shade and shelter from the weather. They can even add money to the price of your house.

Manchester’s trees are the City’s unsung heroes. They can’t sing their own praises. We want you to do it for them.

Have you got a favourite tree in Manchester? Tell us what it is, where it is and why your tree is special? Is it big, bold and beautiful or small and perfectly formed? Is it special because it reminds you of a person or particular occasion? We also want to hear about the location of trees of real value locally, historically and culturally that may be eligible for  a tree preservation order.

Whatever the reason we would like to know more.  Email your photo or story to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Celebrating trees:
Working with partners and the best creative minds from the Manchester Metropolitan University’s Design and Arts faculty, from March 16th 2007 the Whitworth Art gallery hosted a weekend highlighting some of our favourite images and stories.

Over 1000 people visited the exhibition, which included framed prints, display stands and an audio visual tree extravaganza. In total, over 200 entries have been received.. but keep them coming!!

Protecting trees:
Trees that are particularly valuable may even be eligible for a Tree Preservation Order. A TPO is made to give trees increased protection from the risk of being chopped down. Only a few trees are likely to warrant designation.  For example, if the trees removal has a significant impact on the environment and its enjoyment by the public, then it may be considered for designation. There are set criteria which the tree needs to be assessed against. More detailed information is available from the Planning Department website:


Not every tree needs a TPO, so don’t be disappointed if your tree doesn’t make the TPO grade. It may still be of great value personally, locally, historically or culturally. The best tree nominated will receive a prize, and will be featured in a future display celebrating Manchester’s trees.

If a tree is special to you, it is special to us. Help us to celebrate Manchester’s trees