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Pond creation is a great way of attracting wildlife into your back garden, school or park. Even the smallest amount of water is greatly benefical as a place to drink, take refuge or breed. You do not have to have a large area to create pond - even an upturned dustbin bin will do.

Follow these easy steps to create your very own wildlife pond.

Step 1. Buy a liner, this rigid one cost £50


Step 2. Use sand to mark out the base of the pond


Step 3. Carefully dig slightly larger than the marked area


Step 4. Mark out the shelves and dig again


Step 5. Checking levels are really important, check both along the pond's length


Step 6. And across!


Step 7. Use sifted soil and sand to back fill around the pond's edge


Step 8. Once level, use sand to line the pond and shelves to provide firm support to the pond


Step 9. Fill it up with tap water or let it fill naturally with rainwater


Step 10. Add a variety of suitable water plants, including oxygenators. Minature water lilys are offer great cover & hopping spots for frogs.