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Two green sites in Manchester have been designated as Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) by Manchester City Council’s Executive Committee today (Wednesday November 21).


Boggart Hole Clough in Charlestown and Highfield Country Park in Levenshulme are the fifth and sixth LNRs for the city, joining Chorlton Water Park, Blackley Forest, Clayton Vale and Chorlton Ees and Ivy Green. Declaring the sites as LNRs offers increased benefits not only to wildlife but also to residents and visitors to the city. The reserves can offer protection to wildlife and their habitats, increase community awareness of their local environments and provide opportunities to learn about nature.

LNRs are simply great places for people and wildlife. The key to these awards has been the hard work of the Friends of Parks groups and other local organisations and schools in looking after the city’s wildlife. These designations also outline the Council's commitment to become the greenest city in the UK.

Boggart Hole Clough on Rochdale Road contains the largest woodland Clough in the city. Parts of the woodland are classed as Ancient (over 400 years old) providing a valuable habitat for a wide range of animal and plant species.

Highfield Country Park is a hidden oasis of urban countryside in Levenshulme comprising of different grasslands, woodlands and aquatic habitats.

Councillor Mike Kane, Executive Member for Arts and Leisure at Manchester City Council, said: "The sites chosen so far have been selected because of their rich flora and fauna and strong Friends groups."

"The designation of LNR status for Boggart Hole Clough and Highfield Country Park is great news for the two sites. The Council is committed to their long-term maintenance as management plans are in place to conserve and enhance their biodiversity. These two sites have a diverse mix of habitats and wildlife and provide a variety of leisure activities, such as walking and conservation activities. I hope more people will become involved in enjoying these two areas and I’d like to congratulate the Friends Groups on both sites for making the LNR designation possible."

Manchester City Council intends to increase the number of Local Nature Reserves across the city as part of Wildabout Manchester, the wildlife plan which aims to conserve, protect and enhance its biodiversity.