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OPAL Climate Survey - May 11 2011

The fifth of OPAL's environmental based surveys is now ready for distribution. The climate survey studies aspects of the way human activities affect climate and the way in which climate change may affect us. The activities in this survey involve measuring the weather in some way. There are four activities involved that anyone can take part in.

 1. Are aircraft making clouds? - Recording and reporting visible aircraft contrails (condensation trails).

 2. Measuring the wind at the height of clouds using a cloud mirror or nephoscope.

 3. Measuring wind direction and speed at person height using bubbles.

4. How hot or cold do you feel? - or Thermal Comfort - The temperature at which one person feels comfortable may differ wildly from others. 


 To order your free survey pack/s please contact :-

Jonathan Taylor

OPAL North West

Kirkham Building

University of Central Lancashire



T: 01772 893223

F: 01772 892916

E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please state – your name, name of school, postal address and number of packs required. The packs contain everything you need (with the exception of bubble solution) to carry out the experiments.

OPAL Grants Scheme - May 4 2010

The OPAL Grants Scheme aims to help natural history societies and recording schemes grow and flourish. We are awarding grants in 2010 and 2011 to support and enhance the day-to-day operation of societies and schemes, as well as for projects that develop these groups' activities or expand their outreach into the wider community.

Who can apply?

The Grants Scheme is open to all national and local natural history societies, recording schemes and similar groups that are active within England, including regional branches of national organisations. The group’s primary focus must be biological.

Extending your reach

The theme of the 2010 Grants Scheme is: Extending your reach – inspiring a new generation of nature enthusiasts. This 'new generation of nature enthusiasts' could be children, teenagers or adults. We want to support public-facing projects that will help increase public awareness of your group, provide opportunities for new people to become actively involved with your work, and encourage new members to join.

An OPAL grant could be used to run public events, pay for new equipment, websites or promotional materials.

Click here for more information.

OPAL Water Survey Now Available! - May 4 2010


The OPAL water survey pack is available for distribution. The survey will involve identifying invertebrates found in England's ponds and lakes in order to determine the health of the water body. If you would like to take part in this new survey and have not requested your packs already, then simply reply to this email with a postal address and OPAL will forward to you your free survey pack. If you work with a school, group or other organisation and require multiple copies please indicate how many you could use and they will (subject to demand) do their best to send you your requested amount.

For more information click here

Open Air Laboratories Need you! - March 2010 

Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) are inviting Manchester's residents to take part in an important series of surveys relating to air and water quality, climate change and even soil and earthworms!

OPAL are a National Lottery funded project dedicated to giving people from all walks of life a chance to take part in real scientific research into the diversity of life across the United Kingdom.

This is your chance to provide crucial data to a really important research project and OPAL are eager to hear from you. To find out more about the service OPAL offer and how to get involved click here. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about the different surveys they are performing or looking to perform over the next two years, click here.