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20 September 2010


The RSPB has recently published the results of its ‘Make Your Nature Count’ survey that took place across the country throughout June.

Participants in the RSPB’s summer wildlife survey doubled in this year with over 90,000 people counting the birds and mammals in just under 70,000 gardens.

Richard Bashford, RSPB Make Your Nature Count organiser, says: “Many thanks to everyone who helped us collect this fascinating information about our garden wildlife.

“For many species the only way of counting them is to ask people to take part in a garden survey like this and some of the results have been quite surprising. Lots of people see hedgehogs, moles and deer in their gardens which you may only expect to see in the wider countryside.

“The range of creatures we have in UK gardens highlights how important wildlife friendly gardening is wherever you live, to ensure our fabulous wildlife continues to survive.”

Amongst the wealth of information that the RSPB were able to take from their responses they discovered that; 4% of participants recorded mole sightings, including mole hills, with one in six detecting them regularly; Roe deer, a native species, were recorded in 5% of gardens with most sightings in Scotland; The blackbird is still the most frequent visitor although it has declined slightly since last year, recorded in 92% of all gardens;

Make Your Nature Count was one of the first garden wildlife surveys since the extraordinarily cold winter and participants also recorded common birds. The RSPB also asked questions about how well robins, blackbirds and song thrushes are breeding.

If you are interested in taking part in 2011s survey then it will be taking place from  June 4 to June 12.

To see a more in depth breakdown of 2010s results or for more information on attracting wildlife to your garden visit www.rspb.org.uk/hfw