Bird Feeders Print


Birds love seeds, so Today I’m going to show you how to fill a bird feeder! It’s really important that we help the birds by feeding them seeds or nuts throughout the year, and it’s so easy to do!

Step 1.


Get your self a bird feeder! There are lots of different types, you can buy one or even make one yourself out of old plastic bottle!

Step 2.


Now I’ve got a big bucket of birdseed! You can get cage feeders for nuts, but today I’m using a mix of sunflower seeds and lots of other scrummy stuff that little birds love!

Step 3.


I use a cup to fill the bird feeder! Don’t worry if you spill some, lots of birds will come along and eat them up!

Step 4.


Now fill it to the top! You can see the little holes where the birds will come and perch to eat!

And finally...


Dinner is served!! A wonderful feast of seeds for birds in your garden!! Now all you need to do is hang it on a branch or bird table, and keep watching! See how many different types of birds visit your feeders!!