Wildflowers Print


Hi Everyone! I’m going to show you that sowing wildlife friendly flowers is child’s play!! All you need is some seeds and a smile! Best time of year is Springtime, March – May.

Step 1.


First, you need to pour your seeds into a big bucket of sand or vermiculite (you can get it from garden centres).


Step 2.


You can see how tiny all the seeds are – there are millions of them! That’s why we need to mix them with something, so we can separate the seeds from each other. It also helps when you sowing to see where you’ve sowed!

Step 3.


Now roll your sleeves up and get stuck in! Give them a good old mix round.

Step 4.


Once you’ve done that, you need to make sure the land that your sowing is well raked and weed free – Its hard work, but preparing the soil for sowing is really important! It means your seeds will grow really well!

Step 5.


Phew! This bucket is heavy – where’s a grown up when you need one? Drinking tea and eating biscuits no doubt…

Step 6.


Now for the fun bit!! Get sowing!! Get stuck in and chuck it everywhere!

Step 7.


Makes sure you’ve covered every last bit of soil evenly- that’s why its great to use the sand or vermiculite – you can see where you’ve already sowed!

Step 8.


Look at that! Perfect!! Now all we need to do is wait a few weeks…better go and wash my hands!

And finally...


Et voila! Look at the wonderful colours!! The bees and birds love it!


Now lets do some Exploring! We don’t even need Dora and Boots…


Hey, look a Worm! Amazing!


Look Mum, A tiny froglet! Wildlife really loves my wildflowers!! Why don’t you give it a try!