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manchesters biodiversity strategy

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Manchester is one of the first Cities in the Country to give you the chance to map it's best trees. Working with the Woodland Trust, we have provided you with the technology to help us begin recording the trees of note in our City.

Have you got a favourite big old tree in Manchester? Use Top Trunks to tell us what it is, where it is and why your tree is special. Is it big, bold and beautiful or small pretty and perfectly formed? Is it special because it reminds you of a person or particular occasion? We want to hear about trees of real value locally, historically and culturally.

It will form part of a National Database of valuable trees across the Country, and will be monitored for many years to come. You can use the intereactive map to pan around and find your patch and look at old maps to see what the area used to look like.

You can be the first to register a tree of note in your area, so get involved!!

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