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My Back Yard is a citizen science project carried out by Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Leicester aimed at providing a greater understanding of the functions and usage of domestic garden space and what this means for the residents and environment of Manchester.


Did you know your garden helps combat the impacts of climate change in the following ways?


Air cooling.

CO2 intake and improving general air quality.

Flood risk management through water uptake.

Reducing the impact of noise pollution.

Supporting wildlife habitats.

Improving quality of life and community satisfaction.


The information gathered will influence investment decision-making with the aim of enhancing and improving the existing benefits of Manchester’s domestic green space, focusing on the worst-off areas. 


We’d love you to get involved in this! For any more information or to complete the survey yourself please visit: or contact Dr Gina Cavan at Manchester Metropolitan University: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it